Video ANchoring job opportunity

Its FREE opportunity.

No Investment

Experienced/Unexperienced,Male/Female opportunity

Any person from any country

Any person across the globe can participate.

Pay Per Minute

You can Earn $20 per 1 minute video .


Any Male/Female from Any country

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Video Anchors

Welcome friends,

This is the great opportunity for Video Anchors. Shri Sai Info Tech required business promotion videos for their clients based at India and abroad.

The interested candidate must be 18+ and can be fluent in English /Hindi. The details are as follows,

Candidates must be
Any nationality

Age : Must be 18+

Language : Any language across the world but English/Hindi is preferable.

Earning : $20 per 1 minute video

Experience: Experienced or Un experienced.

Video type : Business promotion

Quality check time :24 hrs

Decent look, fluent in own language.

No adult , no nudity.
Watch the following video for the clarity.

The sample script as given below.
You have to shoot the video by using the script given below and whatsapp your sample video on
+91-9881125230  for quality check. You will not get paid for sample video.

Sample Script:
"Hello Freinds,
I welcome you in Video cash . Video Cash is the FREE opportunity to earn money from watching bollywood videos,product advertisement on your mobile or computer. Just join the site without any investment and start earning right now..
Have a nice day!!! Bbyeee !!!!"


Still questions, then contact : Mrs Smita :+91-9881125230